Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Official Bieber Fever Blog

It has been 11 days since my last entry into the Marathon Blog. Since that time, nothing has happened. Really ... I have very little to write about. So, I'll put in some stuff about running and rant about a couple of things. That should get the ole creative juices flowing.

First, the running bit. I ran an 8 miler at 8:00/mile pace in Palo Cedro last Saturday. If you did not know this, Palo Cedro is the home of such world-renowned events as "The Honey Bee Festival" and landmarks such as "Citizen's Utilities" and "Holiday Market". Weeds and scrubby oaks grow nicely during 110 degree July days in Palo Cedro. Palo Cedro kind of sucks in many ways, but it is home of a sort. I really do love the place and the memories it conjures up.

Speaking of memories, I was present when Ray Hursey cracked this sign at North Cow Creek School with a bat and split it in half. I guess he was pissed because he was not one of the "Best Students in Shasta County"? Well, I was, and it didn't do much for me. I didn't even get the satisfaction of whacking a sign with an aluminum bat. Anyway, I've waited some 30 or so years to rat him out, so here it is. Ray, you are officially outed ... fear not ... the statute of limitations has run.

During that run, I thought a lot about people and places in Palo Cedro, and it did distract me from my usual musings on theology, jiu jitsu, and people who have irked me recently. On that last subject, the guy that had me irked on this run was the crazy fundamentalist preacher with a congregation of a whopping 50 people who plans on burning a Koran. Hint to everyone - these types go away if they are ignored ... says the guy cluttering up his blog with the same damn thing.

Then my ire turned to a group in Britain who plan to burn an American flag in protest of the crazy fundamentalist preacher guy. Listen, Britain, U.K., England or whatever the hell you are calling yourselves nowadays, we've kicked your ass in two wars and we've only recently (since 1814 or so) decided we can tolerate you despite your toothy looking royalty and obvious lack of dentistry. Hands off of Old Glory!!!

Note: I do know the difference between Britain, UK & England. Just having fun you lovers of geography! And also, notice my argument against generalization by use of another generalization. Do not think I have not made note of my own hypocrisy.

Anyway, does it make sense to burn the symbol of our entire country because one crazy decides to burn a Koran? That's kind of like slapping a nearby puppy just because your spouse made you mad. No matter how therapeutic a baby canine beat down might be, it just shouldn't be done. Maybe try a cat instead? They are bit more challenging because they are quick and, even if you do hit them, they can give a sh*t.

Moving on ... I had the third leg of the Whiskeytown Relay on Sunday. I was fully expecting God to strike me down for skipping church, but instead I ran at 7:00/mile pace. I'm thinking there is some kind of trick He's playing on me. Oh wait, that trick was that 4 miler at Lema Ranch when I almost died! Maybe God is paying it forward for me. I dare not guess.

Has anyone ever noticed this kid?

Well, he now lives at my house. My boy, the Pseudo-Bieber, has exactly the same hair-do. He denies it though. Our conversation this morning went something like.

Abusive Father: Hey, Bieber, you're late for school.

Pseudo-Bieber: Dad, it's not a Bieber hair cut. I comb my hair forward but to the opposite side.

Father Who Thinks This Move Is Motivated By Girls: Ummm ... yeah ...

I dropped the Pseudo-Bieber off at school this morning. One of his female classmates immediately noticed him, pointed at him and laughed. I'm guessing she just got an up close and personal experience of Bieber Fever.

This Saturday's long run is a 9 miler. Ipod playlist tracks of note are:

Wasted Sunsets by Deep Purple: Admitted ... I spent many hours as a teen rewinding this song in my car after an extended round of Redding's favorite past time - drinking keg beer out of plastic glasses in remote locations overgrown with Manzanita and containing the debris dumped from the pickup beds of Redding's finest citizens. Ah good times ... I was a bad kid, really, but I never got caught.

You Got Lucky by Tom Petty: Remember the lyrics? "You got lucky babe, when I found you." I hereby dedicate this song to some girl who looks like my wife but is not. Inside joke right at ya, Stacy!

The Trees by Rush: A song about maple trees complaining to oaks that they are being crowded out of the sunlight by said oaks. The trees argue so much that by the end of the song they are all "kept equal, by hatchet, ax, and saw." Moral to the story? None, really. I construe this warning to apply only to trees, and Canadian trees specifically.

Have a great week, everyone. May you never be subjected to Bieber fever in your own home.

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